Stone Age Pizza-Deli is a truly unique pizza and deli featuring a stone age exterior and resident dinosaurs, Sara, Ally, Dino, and Terry. Step inside and meet our two cave people, Rocky and Rockell, as well as Tiny. You may find yourself in our cave drawings?


Our pizza is based on the old way of making pizza - baked in a gas-fired brick bottom stone oven. Our dough is made fresh daily with spring water using grandma's special Italian recipe. Hungarian heritage influenced our tangy sauce by adding margherita pepperoni and simmering for 5 hours. Stone Age mild sauce was created in house to appeal to a calmer palate. Pizzas are topped with whole milk mozzarella and provolone cheese. We want to give you pizza the way we enjoyed it as kids, flavorful and made with all natural ingredients.


Featuring our custom 9" cave bun sourced fresh by a Cleveland vendor, we've been told our subs are the best around! Order either:

ROCKS ON A ROLL (Pepperoni)
STONES ON A ROLL (Meatballs and Pepperoni)
MUFFELETTA (Ham, Hard Salami, Hot Capicola, Provolone Cheese with Stone Age Olive relish)
CLASSIC ITALIAN (Ham, Hard Salami, Hot Capicola, Hot Genovetta Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone and Hot Pepper Cheese with Stone Age Italian Dressing) 
4 FOOT SUB Our 4 FOOT SUB is a great addition to all your special occasions:  birthdays, graduation parties, showers and reunions.  Choose the MUFFLETTA, CLASSIC ITALIAN or "BUILD YOUR OWN", all cut fresh from our deli.  Please give us a weeks notice.  Call for prices.


DINOWRAPS (Hot Dogs wrapped and baked in our dough, plain or with cheese)
SPAGHETTI AND RIGATONI DINNERS (includes 2 Meatballs and 2 Bone breadsticks)
GARDEN SALADS (fresh Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots, Tomatoes, Croutons and Dressing.  You may add your favorite meats, cheeses and vegetables)
ALBINOSAURUS (our version of a White Pizza - Garlic Butter with Seasonings and Cheese)
STONE AGE SAMPLERS (7" or 14" Pepperoni Pizzas with Rocks and Bone breadsticks)

Our "CUT TO ORDER" DELI includes Italian and American meats and cheese.  We offer BUILD YOUR OWN meat and cheese subs while you wait. We have beverages and snacks to complete your meal! Or maybe you want meats and cheeses for your family lunch packing, snacking or party tray.  No amount too large or small.


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